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Wishies (in 5 languages)

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The ability to express emotional needs is just as important as the ability to express basic physiological needs. However, many children, as well as adults, are not sure how to express their emotional needs and/or do not know that they have the right to ask others for support or a hug. To all those who find it difficult to express thies emotional needs, Wishies come to assistance.

Wishies make children aware of their right to emotional needs and fulfilment. But more importantly, Wishies make it easier for them to express these needs and start a conversation about them. Namely, it is sometimes difficult for children to verbalize some of their needs. If you include cards in your eveyrday life, in form of a fun game, children will easily, even without the need to verbalize, show you what they need or want.

Wishies are not substitude for speech, but only a bridge that makes it easier for children to express them verbally. 

Wishies can be used in families, but they are also used in schools, kindergartens and by experts who are working with kids such as speech therapist and psychologists.

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Marijana & Denis

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